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A fence Contractor suggests these 5 materials for a fence in the Tenafly, NJ area

A fence helps to make up the image of your property, both as an aesthetic and practical feature. The choice of materials depends on the specific conditions and needs as well as the aesthetic choices of your landscape design. If you’re “on the fence” about choosing the right materials, a fence contractor may suggest these five materials for a fence in the Tenafly, NJ area.

Tico Fence LLC. takes prides in providing fence installation service that includes vinyl fence installationchain-link fence installationwood fence Installation and aluminum fence installation. Fences come in a variety of styles, materials, colors and designs, and by working with Tico Fence LLC. we'll help guide you in choosing the right fence for your home. 

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Vinyl Fence in Tenafly, NJ

Many people choose a vinyl fence in NJ for the above reasons, but also because of its great appearance. Vinyl fence is only growing in popularity because it provides safety, enclosure, and a look that never dulls. Upkeep on vinyl fence requires little more than household products and a hose. Instead of constantly repairing and painting your fence, you can spend time enjoying your yard by choosing a vinyl fence in NJ.

Chain Link Fence in Tenafly, NJ

Though it’s not considered the prettiest addition to a landscape, chain link fencing proves to be an incredibly useful material in safeguarding your property. It’s a budget-friendly material that lasts many decades with practically no maintenance. It’s strong and does a great job at keeping pets and kids inside while keeping unwanted visitors outside. Since there is a considerable amount of space within the chain links themselves, from a distance these fences can appear nearly invisible. For added beauty and privacy, wood-look or foliage-look slats can be inserted between the links.

Aluminum Fence in Tenafly, NJ

Some of the most classic and traditional properties on the East Coast are encircled with beautiful wrought-iron fences. While wrought iron fencing is a gorgeous addition to any classic home, it has its drawbacks. It quickly rusts in the humidity, necessitating fairly frequent painting. It’s also a very heavy material that is difficult to install and replace as necessary. Aluminum, on the other hand, is a versatile material that can mimic the design qualities of wrought iron and take on more modern minimalist styles as well. It’s a far more lightweight material that is easily installed, yet brings elegance to any property. Aluminum doesn’t rust which makes it ideal for pool safety fencing, and its fade-resistant powder coat means it will remain strong and beautiful many years later.

Wood Fence in Tenafly, NJ

For many traditional and modern homes alike, wood is a fantastic material to work with when designing a fence. Wood has a natural beauty that other materials cannot match. Wood can be ideal for custom fences since it can be cut in many beautiful shapes. Wood fences are fantastic at obscuring sensitive areas of your property. They are a popular choice for privacy fences, but also for decorative fencing along the perimeter of your property or as an accent piece at your front entry. Wood fences can be painted or stained to fit any color of your home and landscape features. While this type of fencing can require maintenance, some homeowners prefer to let their fences achieve a beautiful silvery weathered patina over time.Vinyl FencingIn many ways, vinyl is the material that takes all the best attributes of aluminum and wood fencing and combines them. Vinyl fences are molded into different designs to be both durable and beautiful in any application. They can look exactly like wood with intricate details of the wood grain while retaining the enduring strength of aluminum. A wood fence can be imitated with vinyl and it will last far longer, avoiding rot and brittle. Vinyl fences will keep your property private and secure. They can also be used as decorative elements and for pool safety.

Masonry Additions

There’s no rule that says you must stick to one material in your fencing design. Adding a masonry base to any of the fencing materials mentioned before could be a wonderful way to make your home feel more like your castle.

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